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Resource Addition Wizard
To start using the features offered by Web Forum Reader, first use the Resource Addition Wizard.

Click the Add Resource button on the toolbar in the upper part of the main window of Web Forum Reader. You can also open this wizard by selecting the Add a New Resource... command from the Resource submenu of the main menu.

Enter the URL of the forum. Make sure that you specify the URL of the forum correctly.

When adding a forum to Web Forum Reader, the link must lead to the first page of the particular subforum containing the topics. You should not specify the URL of the page with the list of subforums!

Here is an example of the correct link to a forum: On the contrary, the following link is not a correct one for adding resources to Web Forum Reader:

It is better (but not required) to train Web Forum Reader using a forum whose topics are located on three or more pages. Web Forum Reader will then learn to automatically move through the pages and load topics located deeper than the first page. This will give you the most complete list of topics on this forum.