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Background Synchronization
When you synchronize resources in background mode, you can continue using Web Forum Reader while it is receiving new data from forum sites. Visually, the background synchronization procedure is different from the standard one only in that the Synchronization Manager window is minimized and you can see only its title in the lower-left corner of the screen. Another important difference is that the process has a lower priority for the operating system than most other processes, so you can continue working with other applications without any noticeable slowdown in their performance.

To perform synchronization in background mode:

  1. Select the resource or the resource folder that needs to be synchronized. (To synchronize all resources added to Web Forum Reader, select the All Resources folder at the very top of the resource tree.)
  2. Select Synchronize Selected Resource(s) in Background in the Commands menu or press the Ctrl+F2 shortcut.

To switch from background synchronization mode to standard mode, double-click the Synchronization Manager window's title in the lower-left corner of the screen.

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