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Working with the Synchronization Scheduler
To open the synchronization scheduler window, click the Scheduler button on the toolbar of the main window. Alternatively, you can use the same command on the Commands submenu of the main menu.

To enable the scheduler, use the corresponding option in the scheduler window. You should use the tree-like list of the resources in the scheduler window where you can select the ones you want the scheduler to synchronize. Only checked resources will be automatically synchronized, and the program will notify you about changes in them. To select all resources at once, just select the All Resources checkbox.

Also, you should specify the time interval that will be used to repeat the automatic synchronization of the selected resources.

When the scheduler is enabled, you can see the Web Forum Reader icon in the notification area on the task bar (system tray). You can close the main window of Web Forum Reader, but the icon will stay in the tray and the program will remain in memory and continue to run. To open the main window of Web Forum Reader again, click the scheduler icon in the tray. You can move the mouse pointer over the icon to see how many unread new and changed topics there are.

To unload Web Forum Reader when the scheduler is active, right-click on its icon in the system tray and select the Exit command from the popup menu. Remember that Web Forum Reader will then stop monitoring forums and showing information about changes in them.

If you use the scheduler and it monitors several forums at once, it is convenient to view new and updated topics in them in one list. Use the Latest Topics List for that.