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How to Add a New Resource
There are two ways to add a new resource to Web Forum Reader: Standard and Quick.

To add a new resource in the standard way, follow the instructions in the Resource Addition Wizard. This method is recommended for those who have just begun to use Web Forum Reader.

To add a resource identical to one previously added, you can use the Similar Resource Addition Wizard. To be able to use this quick addition feature, both forums must be powered by the same engine; that is, have the same structure. If this is true, the similar resource addition feature will allow you to import several forums located on one site into Web Forum Reader. This feature is a great timesaver when you want to add similar resources to Web Forum Reader.

Keep in mind that, even if you fail to add a forum with the same structure using the Similar Resource Addition Wizard, you can always use the standard method to add new resources with the Resource Addition Wizard.