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Synchronizing Resources
You can synchronize resources in standard mode or in background mode. When you synchronize resources in background mode, you can continue using Web Forum Reader while it is receiving new data from forums.

To perform a synchronization:

  1. Select the resource or the resource folder that you want synchronized. (To synchronize all resources in Web Forum Reader, select the All Resources folder at the very top of the resource tree.)
  2. Right-click the resource and select Synchronize from the context menu, or press the F2 key, or click the Synchronize button on the toolbar of the main window.

The Synchronization Manager window will appear. It shows the resources being synchronized and the current status of this operation. You can continue working with the program during the synchronization. The synchronization can be easily switched to background mode giving it lower priority than in the regular mode. To do this, minimize the Synchronization Manager window using the button in the upper-right corner of the window.

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