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Auto conversion

       It is necessary press <Auto conversion> button at the bottom of the window to go to auto conversion mode (or "Action"->"Convert"->"Auto"). Auto-conversion chart consists of four stages:




1. Setting background color

At this stage it is necessary indicate the background at which schedule is with mouse click at the image. Typically, the background is white. The importance of small deviations in the background determined at Phase 3.

2. Selection chart

At this stage, should be made convertible schedule frame. You should allocate directly graph line without coordinate axes, signatures and etc. You can allocate not the whole schedule, but some it's domain.

3. Setting conversion

A window opens after selecting the graph, in which you specify conversion options.




Scan mode:

·Number of points - it will be determined a specified amount of points in the selection chart.
·Interval - point will be determined in a dedicated area of the graph at regular intervals (in pixels), specified by user.

Background color - displays background color, specified at the previous stage.

Admission to the color - determines, how the deviation (in percentage) from the background color will be the subject (point of the graph or "interference"). It has meaning only for color images.


Pressing <OK> automatically convert will be and table will be established. Pressing <Cancel> user moves to the Phase 1.

4. Editing

Some errors can occur in the conversion process. Errors can occur for example due to excessive amounts of "interference" at the image, or due to the presence of foreign objects (signatures, different schedule, etc.). The user is prompted manually fix these errors by moving the point on image. Such editing is similar to manual pattern recognition. Look more at the section Manual conversion.


As a result of auto auto-conversion it will be created uniform table (table displayed at the right side of the window). Obtained table could be saved (Look Features).


Note: if it is required a uniform table, when editing, you shouldn't add points, because it would inevitably disturb the table uniformity.