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Manual Conversion

       To go to Manual Conversion mode press button <Manual Conversion> at the bottom part of the window after calibration (or "Actions"->"Convert"->"Manual"). Manual conversion is an arrangement of points on the graph, while the program calculates their actual values, based on the calibration.

       Beginning manual conversion, user enters the new points creation mode. Points appear when clicking at the image. User can also go to the edit mode when clicking at the toolbar selector.

Moving points (Move ) (Look Toolbar). You can move points with mouse cursor in this mode, select points with frame, delete the selected points. To delete points, press the button Delete points (Delete) (Look Toolbar). It is necessary maintain the same spacing between points on the axis OX, when editing uniform table, that's why a Connection points (LRMoveLock) mode is switched on as a default (Look Features). It is convenient use function constructing a line (CreateLine) to create a uniform table manually (Look Features). When finished edit process, you can save table or export it to MS Excel for further processing (Look Features).