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       Calibration is required for correct coordinates of points in the table (corresponding real). To start calibration, you should load the file and click button <Calibration> in the lower part of the program window (or "Actions"->"Calibration"). Calibration must be performed manually. It consists of three successive stages:


Calibration phase


1. Setting zero coordinate

It is necessary at this stage at the image with mouse click set zero coordinate recognizable   graphics. The point of origin will be marked with green marker.

2. Set the unit interval on the axis OX

At this stage it is necessary to note a point on the axis OX and then in the appeared window specify the actual X-coordinate. This will set the unit interval for the axis OX. Specifying point on the image of its Y-coordinate is not important. The selected point will be marked with green marker.

3. Set the unit interval on the axis OY

Similarly to phase 2, but the point notes on the axis OY and its X-coordinate is not important. Isolated segments of the axes OX and OY may be different.


It is needed for each image pursue new calibration. Upon completion of calibration coefficients will be created translation of coordinates of points on the image in real terms. Now you can start converting graphics (Look Conversion).


Note: It is not recommended during calibration resize the program window as the image is stretched on the window. This can lead to errors in calibration, and hence to incorrect results. Minimizing the window does not interfere with calibration.