Show/Hide Console
This menu allows to switch on/off console with allows you to start quick match or to chat with opponent and etc.

To switch on/off console:

Select Internet Game menu > Show/hide console.

Console consist of:

  • "Match" button. When you pressing it, the window opens:

    You can choose an opponent, the match continuous, game mode, the color of your figures. "Additional" button also opens additional match menu.

  • "Abort" button. When it pressed the current game is aborting.
  • "Seek game" button. When you pressing it, the window opens:

    You can set up time settings, rating-range filter, color of your figures, rated game and auto start.

  • "Quick game" button allows to start quick game immediately:
  • "Resign" button allows to end the current game with your defeat 0-1.
  • "Additional" button consist of "Talk" button and "Match" button. It allows to add talk or a match.
  • "Load list" button opens menu "Users List Properties" which consist of:
    1. Choosing rating (Standard, Blitz, Wild, Crazy house, Lightning, Suicide),
    2. Select players (Only Registered, Only Unregistered),
    3. To filter (only open players, Only free players with not playing a game, Only available players (open & free), Only players for rated matches). To load changes press "Load" button.
    You can also show/hide selected in Load list menu items while switch on/off ticks at the panel.