Connect To Another Player Via Internet
The present issue is active, when you choose two players: Settings  -> Two Players.

Before you created a game or get connected, you should fill in the following information:
Fill in your name or a pseudonym.

Then you should indicate the role, which you prefer, putting a tick in front of appropriate inscription.
of the opponent will be connected with you.
In the IP field put down your IP address, also you can choose it in the opening list.
In the field port, indicate the port, which you use. If you dont know it, leave the standard one 5555.

After pushing the button start, you will see on your screen a message:

"The IP address is clipboard. Please give this address to your opponent.





you will be connected with your opponent.
In the field IP you should indicate your opponents IP address, who is a server.
In the field port, indicate your opponents port number, who is a server.