Plot: Spring in the form of a beautiful, modern girl gallops through the forest.
With her touch, everything blossoms. Collecting solar bunnies, she goes from one part of the forest to another. And everything would be fine, except the mature Winter
does not want to surrender his rights and sends in his henchmen. Using sunlight and light, our heroine overcomes difficulties. Spring is at stake!

Mechanics: The game is played by jumping on platforms and collecting objects
needed to complete the level. Items are collected by a simple touch of the character and
do not require special action from the player to be used. Opponents have primitive artificial intelligence, moving along a circular distance or completing
repetitive actions. Contact with the enemy takes away the vitality of the hero and will eventually kill her if you're not careful.

A, D or left / right arrows - movement
Spacebar - Jump
Ctrl or LMB shoot



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