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Video Archive
You can record video with your web camera, save it to disk and then select in Falco Watcher Archive.

  • Select data range menu. Allows to select video which had been recording during the selected range.
    First select range than select the video from the list and press "OK".

    Falco Watcher player opens video in default.

    • "<<" Previous frame button shows previous frame.

    • "<" BackPlay button starts/stops video backplaying.

    • ">" Play button starts/stops video playing.

    • ">>" Next frame button shows next frame.

    • Video progress line allows to look through the video. Choose the part you want to see with the runner.

    • "Shot" button makes shot from Falco Watcher window. It allows to make photo. Save your photos
      with "jpg" format to disk.

    • "Convert to avi" button saves the record as avi format to disk. You can also drag & drop
      the player instrumental panel all over the screen.