Red eye removal effect
Red eye removal effect allows remove unwished redness from photos.

Red eye removal effect appears in photography due to reflection of light flash from the human eye fundus. Choroid fundus man is red.
If the conditions for entering the light, reflected from the fundus to the camera lens, were created, then we will see the characteristic defect
in the photo - red pupils of the human eye.

Using the tool for removing red eye effect, you can correct photo as you wish.

Steps for removing red eye effect:

1. Load the photo,

2. Press the "Insert Effect" button and select red eye removal effect from list,

3. Click on the effect and press "Edit Effect" button,

You'll see window, where you can set wished runner position.

4. Move the runner to the desired position, and use also

preview function.

After all the result photo will look like this: