Web Camera
You can process the image loaded from camera, apply effects to it.

To use the camera

  1. Press "TWAIN Settings" button at the control panel.
  2. In opened diologue select the neccesary device.

  3. source
  4. Click "Web camera" button you'll see next diologue:

  5. Camera
  6. Use the "Freeze/Unfreeze button to fix/unfix image from the selected source.
  7. Use the "Save and exit" button to work with the image.
  8. Use the "Pin" button to change the image visualization property.
  9. Use the "Filter" button to regulate the settings of loaded image.

  10. property
  11. Change appropriate settings as you need
  12. Choose one of the main function "Reset","Save","Restore"


after camera usage