Pixel Heroes

The whole story began with an eagle and half-orc-half-goblin. He was born and soon wants to get the elixir of strength and growth, to show who ruler of the world. He possesses the skills to deceive Archima, the son of a circus performer whose father is the seriously ill Red Monk whose monastery was burned by nomads. Heroes: Orlin is a small, nimble thief with daggers in leather armor and a green skin. His mother, orchiha, and his father, Goblin want to get the elixir of strength and growth to take revenge on their oppressors. Monk is a former rector of the Red Temple of burnt nomads. He has found a new purpose, to help people in the fight against evil and so they both agreed to participate in this campaign. Archim is the son of a circus performer since childhood who went under the big top on a tight rope. His father was seriously ill and Orlin was sucked into the story under the pretext of searching for a cure for his father Archima. Many levels and features to intrigue you.



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