This popular board game originated in China, is in some ways similar to poker and rummy, but more elegant and definitely more interesting. In Mahjong (Majali, mahjong) you play with a set of 144 tiles, which show different pictures such as a suit, wind, etc. Eight variations of the rules are supported: Harbin, Shanghai, Orsk, Chinese classical, European classical, Hong Kong, Hong Kong, and Sport Plus. It is possible to play on the network and on the internet in any proportion of "live" and "computer" players using library with a set of tiles and shirts. There are voice messages in English and Russian languages. Game results may be saved indefinitely. Original sound and music will keep you enthralled. Note that Solitaire may be played on the same tiles, called Wamba, but that is often mistakenly called Mahjong. To completely play the game, your computer must be connected to the internet!



Sarah 05:08:2018, 22:21

Thank you so much for that game! I love that type of game with several players. You cannot always find a freeware these days. So thanks a bunch1

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