MP3 Packer

A very interesting program that allows you to reduce the size of MP3 files, without degrading the sound quality. The principle of operation is that the utility converts CBR files (constant bitrate) to VBR (variable bitrate), placing data from each frame into a frame of the smallest possible size. So, for example, in CBR mode, the frame completely composed of silence is given a bitrate of 320 kb/s, and in VBR mode the minimum bitrate is 32 kb/s. The most effective program works with high bitrates (for example, MP3 320 kb/s). On average, the size of files is reduced by 5-7%, for unsaturated compositions (classic, jazz) it will be up to 30%. The program has a simple and intuitive interface. You just need to drag and drop your mp3 files into the program window and wait until the end for the compressed result.



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