Luxury Cars

Luxury cars in an exciting race in which you have to demolish the city and carry out quests. At your disposal are two badass cars: Nissan Skyline and Chevy Camaro. The game is full of effects, collapsing structures, and a case including a physicist and others. In order to check the available quests press Tab.

Five quests:
1. Mr. Dantes: I am a businessman, and I need your help. My competitor has started construction on a site I need to use for myself. Prevent this construction!
2. Mr. John: I want to start a business and put coffee machines all over the city, but too many are already out there. Destroy all the existing machines in the city.
3. Mayor of the city: Someone scattered garbage throughout the city. Destroy the garbage bags.
4. Mayor of the city: Barrels of oil are spoiling the environment in the city. Destroy them!
5. Businessman Max: Many shops are making new deliveries of products, and you must destroy all the boxes of goods.



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