Hellish Heaven… God’s life seems simple: Create something, sit back and watch as it develops slowly, occasionally sending angels to whip things back into shape. But what if your creation is out of control and decides that it is time to fundamentally change the way things have been done since the beginning of time? Just shrug, armed with hammers, to attract scores of supernatural beings and begin to defend their homeland. What else do gods need? Game description: Imagine scientists have created a portal to heaven. They could talk with God, to know the meaning of life, to ask for peace in the world…but who cares? After all, in heaven there is still no democracy. You are acting as a god, the player to construct various buildings, engage in their improvement and use them to defend themselves from enemies appearing from time to time. The player's task is not to cede their territory to enemy unit,s and completely destroy all the waves on every level. It is necessary to use features of the landscape and intelligently combine the resources available using a system to improve the construction. Additionally, the player cannot interfere in what is happening with the divine power, as well as a variety of spells.



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