Feed The Mouse

A simple puzzle arcade game about a hungry mouse. You are in a room on with scattered pieces of cheese, and each level a certain amount of items are placed that need to be arranged around the room so that the mouse may collect all of the cheese. Each level will be progressively more difficult, and the mouse will need to seek out and collect keys and other trinkets to complete the level. The mouse constantly runs only forward and must help her get home and still pick up all the pieces of cheese on the level and not get caught by enemies using just 5 pieces. It is important to avoid all the enemies and traps (mousetraps, hedgehogs). Based wall blocks cant be destroyed, but there are some that can be broken.

* Simple operation
* Addictive gameplay and a variety of levels
* Two languages: Russian And English
* Colorful and bright graphics
* Beautiful music
* Over 30 different exciting levels
* A large set of dynamic objects
* Levels of varying complexity



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