Dead Oil

This game is about a cube with a big heart who is in a closed, invisible maze. You can do nothing in this maze and still die, and the best way out is pure suicide! And the sooner the better! However, rumor has it that the Great Liberation Penetration is hidden in the labyrinth and maybe you will find it.

Our oil cube cannot move himself, but knows how to manipulate gravity. Gliding along the walls, it leaves drops of his body and shrinks in the process, and thereby bares his weak spot; his heart.

Each layer is divided into two stages:
1) Exploration (colors) of the labyrinth and pass checkpoints.
2) Suicide in the shortest possible time.

A / D - change gravity
M - Menu
R - restart level
F4 full screen / windowed mode
LMC - hide hint

These options are for the study of the labyrinth:
LMB - shoot oil
RMB - levitate oil



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