Dead Ivan

One winter, grandfather Ivan took a chainsaw and went into the woods to drink some vodka. Time passes, hes grown a beard and spring has come. In May, my grandfather Ivan met an apostle who warned him of the legions of evil that want to enslave the land. And he went to rescue Ivan from the world from evil. This game is full of absurdity and executed in a funny cartoon style. Wanna have some fun? Then grab a chainsaw and dismember some zombies. While youre at it you can kill a couple dozen vampires and chop up the skeletons. Make sure to avoid hedgehog bombers and atomic mushrooms. Solve the puzzle in hell the demons and be sure to fly away on a dragon. The game will definitely lift your spirits and help you relax. Use magic to corral fire, water, lasers, fireballs and wild sheep.

WASD - movement, J magic.
K - a chainsaw.
To change the magic, to find a yellow rabbit and press SPACE, ESC - exit from the game.
Good luck, friend!



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