Bomber Man VS

"Bomberman VS" is a remake of classic Bomberman in which you need to play together. The goal of each player - to blow up your opponent and stay alive.

In the game there are different types of bonuses, such as:
> Increase of the blast wave;
> An increase in the maximum number of bombs;
> Acceleration;
> The ability to kick a bomb.

In addition, there is a special kind of "bonus" - a virus that randomly gives one of the four diseases:
> Reducing the blast wave to a single cell;
> Slow character;
> Hyperspeed;
> Automatic setting of bombs.

The player can catch a virus from another player touching it.

Simple gameplay and competitive spirit will bring you a lot of fun!
Download and try it!

> Player 1:
- Arrows - move
- P - put a bomb

> Player 2:
- WASD - move
- F - put a bomb



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