Are you found of interesting and catchy arcade games? If you've tried a lot of various brick breakers and always looking for new addicting games, then Crush of Mythology is what you need!
This brick game is a great time killer (like most of the ball games) and fine example of famous retro games with new look and features. Crush of Mythology brings together new and old games, which sets it in a row with top addicting games in arcade genre.
And it is really great when such addicting video games as this one teach you interesting stuff. This block breaker presents the legends of Ancient Greece. Have a look at locations' names: Minotaur's Labyrinth, Gorgon's Lair, Gates of Cerberus, Realm of Hades, Halls of Zeus. Every brick breaker's location looks absolutely different and has a number of levels which vary in difficulty, bonuses, bricks design and so on.

3 different types of bonuses can be found in this cool brick game:
- 2 unique ones on every location (10 altogether),
- 10 bonuses hidden in the Pandora box (you see them only after opening this box),
- 5 super bonuses which can be bought for coins.

Also Crush of Mythology block breaker contains levels adapted from original game and its sequel (these cool video games have their own predecessors - famous old games you all know).



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