In the card game of Blackjack, a player can use side bets depending on a variety of scenarios. For example, the player might have a "perfect pair" by picking up a pair in their initial hand. Alternatively, the player's hand and the dealer's up card may equal 19, 20 or 21; this is called a "lucky lucky." For a "royal match," the player must have a suited hand or a king and queen in their first hand. If the player's initial hand equals 20 it will be referred to as "lucky ladies."

The three-of-a-kind hand in poker, or a flush or straight, is known as a "21+3." An "in bet" is when the dealer's up card is in between the score value of the two cards of the pair of players. "Bust It!" refers to the first card being dealt that results in a dealer's bust. To achieve "match the dealer," one or two of the players must have the same cards as the dealer's hand. An "instant 18" occurs when the player takes a second hand, of which equals 18 without including any drawing cards. Wagers for side bets are placed in an area off to the side of the main wager. If a player wants to make a side bet, then they must first make a wager on the Blackjack main game. Often the side wager cannot exceed the main bet.

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