5 Key Characteristics of VPN for Downloading

How to download a movie in a country where usage of Bittorrent is restricted? Experienced people will tell you about the three possible ways: Tor browser, secure connection via proxy, and virtual private networks. But when comparing these three methods you will find that virtual private network stays the most effective and secure solution. Although VPNs are designed for making your Internet usage anonymous, not every service can provide enough security and privacy for using P2P and Bittorrent file sharing systems. If you want to find the best VPN for downloading with Bittorrent, you should look for 5 special properties.

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Main Features of Good Downloading VPNs:

     Vast variety of server locations: Good VPN has servers both in countries where downloading is prohibited and ones with no anti-torrenting laws. When users search for best vpn for torrenting, they don't do that only by changing IP but they use that for getting anonymous access to files, which they cannot reach from their country;

     High level of security: When you download and share files with Bittorrent systems, you take and receive data flows which might be tracked by your ISP. You should choose the protocol which quickly encrypts them all so that no piece of information might appear into wrong arms. And pay attention to the uniqueness of this protocol because if hackers know how to decode scripts employed by VPN, its users stay in trouble;

     Built-in Kill-switch: Kill-switch is the tool which tears the network at the moment when VPN crashes. If this feature is not present, you cannot ensure complete security of your network. One day your VPN will crash and unencrypted data flows will become evident to any interested person;

     Complete anonymity: When searching for VPNs for downloading with torrents you should seek for ones obeying "No-log" policies. This means that this service uses anonymous payment methods and it doesn't care of how do you use that service;

     It shouldn't lower the speed: Any VPN needs some time to encrypt and decode data flows from all computers. Anyway, there are a lot of them who do that faster. And if you don't want your movie or book to download several hours, use the free trial to estimate its impact on Internet connection.

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Downloading with VPN - the Easiest Way to Penetrate Geo-restrictions

Using VPN is not restricted in the world where people don't want their data to be used by cyber-fraudsters. Encrypting all data flows from your computer it leaves absolutely nothing to analyze by government agencies and other interested parties. Although you can use Tor browsers or free proxies and pay nothing, this way you will suffer a huge loss of speed. With the properly chosen VPN, you will download your favorite files as if you didn't use any additional tools at all.


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