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Function Description Using
Saving table Saving table to text file. There will be created a text file (.txt), looking like this: The function is called from menu File or pressing the toolbar button (Save) (Look File or Toolbar)

Value X1 Value Y1

Value X2 Value Y2

. . . . . .

Value Xn Value Yn

Delimiter values in the file is a
Export table to MS Excel If your system has a table processor MS Excel, it will be launched, and a table of results will export to first list of MS Excel. Exported table is formatted and ready to print. Function is calling from menu File (Look File).

This feature is available only in edit mode.
Horizontal points connection Prohibits the horizontal points displacement to prevent violation of table uniformity, when editing. The function calls from toolbar, pressing (CreateLine) (Look Toolbar)
Construction a number of points This function is used for manual construction uniform table. A number of points poses in the selected area of the graph, which follow through the same intervals on the axis OX, which can then be moved to a line graph with points connection The function calls from toolbar, pressing(CreateLine) (Look Toolbar). After pressing the button, you should provide a timetable frame (directly line graph). Then in the appeared window you should indicate the number of points that should be built, and press . This will create a horizontal row of dots in the center (by height) of the frame with equal spaces between them. The width of the line corresponds to the width of the frame.

This feature is available only in manual mode recognition.
Re-transformation Re-conversion chart program separate from the previous calibration You should clear the table, using function Clear the table (calling from menu Action or from the toolbar, pressing button (CreateLine) (File or Toolbar)), and then begin manual or automatic conversion again (Look Auto conversion or Manual conversion)