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Functional Buttons

SAVE - Saves the current image.

CLEAR - Deletes all drawn objects.

>>IN BACK - This button creates picture from objects and set it as background. Nothing will change, but     you'll not be able to delete objects,
    because they have been transformed to background. It is better to use for optimization, when it is too     much objects.

DRAW - This button pressed in default settings. You decide, if you want to draw constantly, pressing     mouse button or drawing process
    could be done by a click - if "DRAW" button is unpressed.

PREVIEW - You can see the whole screen picture, pressing this button.

BACKGROUND - This button set background for a canvas.

RESET - Reset all settings.

HELP - Calls Falco Texture Maker help.

RANDOM - Random drawing.

EXIT - Closes the program.

SCALE allows set the desired scale to the brush as you can see below:

Press ANGLE to rotate the brush. When Random button is pressed, the brush takes a random angle position.

Use ALPHA 1, ALPHA 2, ALPHA 3 or NONE brush modes for various texture drawing.
To use one of these modes, press at the button and begin to draw.