Terror Strike

TerrorStrike is the ultimate 3D Shooter with nice graphics. The action takes place in the near future. The main goal of the game is to seek out and eliminate a single terrorist. But his devout followers will guard him, and are always ready to tear you to pieces. Some of them are mutated zombies. A large selection of weapons, if used skillfully, will allow you to wipe them all out.



Junebug 19:05:2014, 04:24

Slow framerate. Locks up occasionally. You Never know which weapon is "THE WEAPON". Gameplay is simply walk into a room and look at the Robots/Enemy and decide which to shoot first. Begin firing and kill first one but think again, he gets back up and you begin firing again till dead so you think. Maybe yes and maybe no... Do this over and over again. Basically you do this over and over again looking into the same room. The best thing about this game is the "Uninstall Button"! ! !

Awang 27:10:2012, 11:02

Awesome... i will try it..

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