The Mafia... their reach now expands into a mini-card game with exciting gameplay. The player head a criminal cartel, which consists of Mafioso, corrupt cops, a rogue car fleet and other mercenaries. The goal of the game is to defeat competitors and take control of the whole city. Send your people into gang warfare and expand your sphere of influence. Be cautious and cunning, and remember that winning a battle does not mean victory in the whole war. When planning actions, it is necessary to take into account that all the bandits, after committing a crime, may go to prison where they stay for a while and are thus out of action. Skillfully use bonus cards, and keep in mind that the car provides help from the police and helps to avoid prison term. The corrupt policeman never goes to prison, and the mercenary will blow up everyone in case of failure. And if civilians suffer, the terms of your sentence will increase. Winning the game can be accomplished in two ways, by destroying the rival faction or taking control of all areas of the city.



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