The physical game "Mad Heads" immerses you in a fantastic platform world, where strange, but amazing head-shaped creatures live. Despite the strange appearance, nothing human is alien to these creatures, including love. Unfortunately, in the world of the head-shaped there is a place for the villains who are trying to pull off some kind of dirty trick. Here and there were misadventures this time villains kidnap the bride of the main hero! However, the main character is not at all timid and he is able to give a worthy rebuff to representatives of the robber elite. Managing the protagonist with the mouse, help him wrestle the bride from the grasping paws of the kidnappers. Destroy all green-skinned villains at the current level to open the cage with the captive, and move on to the next stage of the game. Try to make the minimum possible number of moves and score as many points as possible.



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