Games Logic

Here is the description of our program, GamesLogic..
Its a set of popular logic games for entertainment and reason training. Connect four Reminiscent of Tic-tac-toe..
Sudoku - One of the most popular logic games, most popular in Japan but now played everywhere..
Kakuro - A Puzzle with numbers in which it is possible to name a mathematical analogue of a crossword puzzle..
NIM - Mathematical game in which two players take turns manipulating the spheres which have been spread out on a grid..
15-puzzles - Moving squares with figures across the field of 4 X 4 cages. To achieve order, it is desirable to have as few possible courses as possible..
Flip-Flop - The Computer game with a puzzle for one person..
Socoban - Logic game-puzzle in which "loader" moves boxes on a labyrinth with the purpose of putting all boxes on the set final positions. 500 levels with decisions..
Limpopo A very simple game for a two..
Kalah - A logic game belonging to the Mankall family of games. To save up on the home field "Kalah," the contender needs more than stones.



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